ArtPrize Venue 2012 
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City Art Gallery Closed March 1, 2013

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2012 Gold Townie Award-
Best Place to Buy Original Art

2012 Silver Townie Award-
Best Place for Gifts

Showcasing original work by emerging area artists

  Current Artists

    Mary Andersen
    Steve Arver
Paul Asselin
    Paula Bowers
    Judy Bregman
    Erika Burrington
    Rosemary Cheslock
    Pat Cole
    Susan Conklin
    Jerry DePersia
    Peggy DePersia
    Ryan DePersia
    Jim Firlik
    Maggie Flynn
Michele Gort
    Jeff Grill
Scott Haebich
    Karen Hoekstra
    Aneka Ingold
    Mary Kingsbury
    Jacob Koster
    Jean Lash
    Linda Laughter
    Matt Laughter
    Myra Maness
    Cara O'Brien
    Don Pixley
    Ande Roeser
    Gail Saukas
    Sue Taylor
    Roger Timermanis
Christine Towner
    Judy Van Dam
    Pamela Weston